HOW TO RESTORE LOCKED iPhones, If you’ve ever had a locked iPhone, you know how annoying it can be. Your iPhone is locked, which prevents you from accessing it, your data, and, most crucially, your life. Although the iPhone locking mechanism is intended to protect your data and personal information, it may also be a significant inconvenience. We’ll demonstrate how to unlock locked iPhones in this post so you can regain access to your device and data.

What Leads to iPhones Locking Up?

There are several reasons why iPhones may lock up. However, the following are the most typical ones:

Multiple incorrect password attempts: iPhones include a security feature that locks the device when an incorrect passcode is entered more than once.

Methods for Unlocking Locked iPhones

Although it is not easy, restoring a locked iPhone is achievable. 

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a computer in step one.

The first step is to use a USB connection to connect your iPhone to a computer.

Step 2: Enter recovery mode on step two.

You must adhere to the particular instructions depending on the model of your iPhone to enter recovery mode. The general stages are as follows:

  • To switch off the iPhone, simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.
  • Holding the Volume Down button while releasing the Power button is a common practice.
  • Hold the Volume Down button down when connecting the iPhone to the PC.
  • Hold the Volume Down button down until the recovery mode screen appears.

Step 3: Restore your iPhone

When your iPhone is in recovery mode, iTunes should recognize it immediately. Choose the restore option to completely erase your iPhone and reinstall the most recent version of iOS.

Step 4: Set up your iPhone

Adheres to the on-screen instructions to configure your iPhone and recover your data from a backup.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Will all of my info be deleted if I restore my iPhone?

A1: You will lose all your data if you restore your iPhone. 

What if my Apple ID and password are forgotten?

A2: You may reset your Apple ID or password using your email address or security questions if you forget them.

What happens if my iPhone won’t turn on?

A4: Please take it to a licensed repair facility so they can figure it out and fix it.

Do I need a computer to repair my iPhone?

A5: No, you need a computer to recover your iPhone. To restore it, you must link it to a computer running iTunes.

What if, after restoring it, my iPhone is still locked?

A6: After restoring it, several reasons might be why your iPhone is still locked. Here are a few potential answers:

Advice on How to Avoid Locked iPhones

Here are some suggestions to prevent future iPhone locks:

Call Apple customer service: If none of the above fixes work, ask Apple support for help. They can provide more detailed troubleshooting instructions or help you unlock your iPhone. They may be able to identify and resolve any hardware or software problems keeping your iPhone locked.

Set up Touch ID or Face ID: By allowing you to unlock your iPhone without inputting a password, these features reduce the likelihood of repeatedly entering the incorrect code.

Choose a difficult-to-guess password: Be sure to choose a strong passcode. Useless passcodes like “1234” or “0000” should be avoided.

Keep your software current: To avoid software-related problems that might result in a locked iPhone, be sure to update the software on your iPhone routinely.


Although having a locked iPhone might be annoying, it is not impossible to restore it. You may unlock your iPhone and obtain access to your device and data by following the appropriate procedures. If you run into problems restoring your iPhone, get assistance from a professional or Apple support.

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