How To See WiFi Password On Phone Without QR Code

See WiFi Password On Phone Without QR Code, Are you weary of repeatedly asking for the Wi-Fi password whenever you visit a new place? Well, worry no more! This post will teach you how to locate Wi-Fi passwords on your Android smartphone effortlessly. With these easy procedures, you’ll never have to go through the inconvenience of asking for the password again. Let’s plunge in!

Finding Wi-Fi Passwords Using Saved Networks

How to know wifi password, the password is customarily retained automatically if you have previously joined a Wi-Fi network on your Android smartphone. Here’s how you can discover it:

Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings

  • Open the settings menu on your Android smartphone and pick “Wi-Fi” from the list of choices.
  • View saved networks: Scroll through the list of accessible Wi-Fi networks and select the one for which you wish to discover the password.
  • Please tap on the network: Tap on the appropriate network to see its settings.

Show password

  •  In the network settings, you should see an option to reveal the Wi-Fi password.
  • Tap on it, and you’ll be able to see the password.
  • It’s as easy as that! Now you have the Wi-Fi password at your fingertips.
  • How to Find Wi-Fi Passwords Using Third-Party Apps

If you can’t discover the password using the preceding approach, don’t worry. How to find wifi password on iPhone, There are various third-party applications available in the Google Play Store that may help you recover Wi-Fi credentials. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Google Play Store

  •  Open the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone.
  • Search for a Wi-Fi password recovery app: Use the search box to discover programs like “Wi-Fi Password Recovery” or “Wi-Fi Key Recovery.”

Install and launch the app:

  • Choose a credible app from the search results.
  • Install it.
  • Open it on your smartphone.

Grant appropriate permissions: Follow the on-screen steps to allow the app fundamental rights to access your device’s Wi-Fi settings.

Retrieve the Wi-Fi password: Once the program has the proper rights, it will scan your device and provide a list of stored Wi-Fi networks and their passwords.

You can quickly recover Wi-Fi credentials by utilizing a trustworthy third-party program.

FAQs about Finding Wi-Fi Passwords on Android Devices

Q: Can I discover the Wi-Fi password of any network using these methods?

A: No, you can only retrieve the passwords for the networks your Android smartphone has previously connected to.

Q: Do I need root access to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords using third-party apps?

A: Root access is only sometimes necessary. Many applications can extract passwords without rooting your smartphone, although specific sophisticated capabilities may need it.

Q: Are these procedures safe and legal?

A: Yes, these procedures are safe and lawful. They merely obtain the Wi-Fi password that is already cached on your device.

Q: Is it feasible to determine the Wi-Fi password of a network I am connected to?

A: No, using these techniques, you cannot determine the password of the network you are presently connected to. They only function for saved networks.

Q: What if the Wi-Fi network I wish to connect to is hidden?

A: Unfortunately, these approaches won’t help you uncover the password for hidden Wi-Fi networks. You will need to contact the network administrator for help.

Q: Can I locate Wi-Fi passwords on devices other than Android?

A: The strategies stated in this post are especially for Android smartphones. Other operating systems may have different protocols.


Finding Wi-Fi passwords on your Android smartphone is a smooth process. Following the easy procedures above, you may quickly restore stored passwords or utilize third-party programs for help. Remember to utilize these techniques carefully and only access the authorized access networks. Say goodbye to the stress of asking for passwords and enjoy smooth access everywhere!

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