How to export text messages from iPhone, iPad, And Mac To pdf

Export text messages from iPhone, iPad, And Mac To pdf, In today’s digital age, text messages have become essential to our lives. They hold valuable talks, necessary knowledge, and precious memories. If you’re looking for a way to keep and share your text messages, saving them as PDF files is a great choice. This piece will guide you through saving text messages as PDFs from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, ensuring that your messages are safely saved and readily available whenever needed.

How to Export Text Messages as PDFs from iPhone, iPad, and Mac


Export text messages from iPhone to computerExporting text messages as PDFs from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is a simple process that can be performed using different methods. Let’s study each way in detail.

Method 1: Using Third-Party Apps

Start by downloading a safe third-party app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store. Several apps, such as iMazing, TouchCopy, and iExplorer, can help you export your text messages as PDF files.

  • Once you have loaded the app, please open it and follow the on-screen steps to give the necessary rights and access to your text messages.
  • After giving the necessary rights, select the text messages you want to send. You can choose individual chats or pick multiple conversations at once.
  • Once you have chosen the appropriate text messages, look for the export option within the app. An icon or a menu item generally indicates it. Tap on it and choose the PDF export choice.
  • The app will then turn your chosen text messages into a PDF file. You can save the PDF file straight to your device or send it to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive for easy access from multiple devices.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully saved your text messages as PDFs using a third-party app.

Method 2: Using Apple’s Messages App on Mac


Convert text messages to pdf freeIf you have a Mac, you can download your text chats as PDFs using the chats app. Start by opening the Messages app on your Mac.
  • Select the chat holding the text messages you want to export. You can choose multiple chats by holding the Command key and clicking on each conversation.
  • Once you have chosen the desired chats, go to the “File” menu at the top of the screen and choose the “Print” option.
  • In the print window box, click on the “PDF” dropdown menu and select the “Save as PDF” choice.
  • Choose a place on your Mac where you want to save the PDF file, give it a name, and hit the “Save” button.
  • Your text messages will be turned into a PDF file and saved to the chosen place on your Mac. You can now quickly view and share the PDF version as needed.

Method 3: Using Screenshots and PDF Conversion

This method involves taking pictures of your text messages and turning them into PDF files. Export text messages from iPhone to pdf freeIt can be used on both iPhone/iPad and Mac.

  • Open the Messages app on your device and head to the chat containing the text messages you want to download.
  • Take pictures of the text messages by hitting the necessary mix of buttons. On iPhone/iPad, it is generally the home and power buttons simultaneously. On Mac, you can use the Shift + Command + 3 keys to grab the entire screen or Shift + Command + 4 to pick a specific area.
  • After taking the screenshots, find them on your device or desktop. You can change or cut the pictures using built-in editing tools or third-party image editing software if needed.
  • Once you have finished the screenshots, you must turn them into a PDF file. Export text messages from iPhone to pdf for court, Various free tools, such as SmallPDF and Adobe Acrobat, allow you to turn pictures into PDF files. Upload the photos to one of these tools and turn them into a PDF file.
  • Save the changed PDF file to your device or chosen cloud storage tool for easy access.

I frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I download text messages as PDFs without using any third-party apps?

Yes, if you have a Mac, you can use the built-in Messages app to send text messages as PDF straight. However, using third-party apps is the most handy way on iPhone and iPad.

2. Are there any limits to saving text messages as PDFs?

The limits may change based on the app or the way you choose. Some apps may limit the number of messages you can send for free or have rules on video files. It’s essential to discover the features and limits of the chosen app before continuing.

3. Can I send text messages as PDFs with attachments?

Yes, many third-party apps offer the option to send text chats as PDF files. Check the app’s features and powers to ensure it meets your needs.

4. Can I export text messages from a specific date range?

Yes, most third-party apps allow you to sort and send text messages based on a specific date range. This function is handy when sharing texts from a particular time.

5. Can I print the copied text messages as a genuine copy?

Yes, once the written messages are saved as a PDF file, you can quickly print them using a printer linked to your device. Open the PDF file and pick the print choice.

6. Can I send text messages as PDFs from Android devices?

This piece focuses on saving text messages as PDFs from iOS devices, namely iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The process may change for Android devices, and studying specific methods or apps for Android devices is suggested.


Exporting text messages as PDFs from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac offers a handy way to store, share, and keep essential talks and memories. Whether you use third-party apps, the built-in Messages app on Mac, or photos and PDF conversion, this guide has given you step-by-step steps to export your text messages smoothly. Remember to choose a method that fits your wants and tastes, and always keep backups of your essential info. Now, go ahead and protect your important text messages in PDF format!

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