6 Fixes On How To Recover Deleted Notes On iPhone & Mac [2023]

How To Recover Deleted Notes On iPhone & Mac, Losing critical notes on your Mac may be an unpleasant experience, mainly if they include crucial information or personal worth. However, there’s no reason to panic. In this post, we’ll guide you through six viable methods to restore lost notes on your Mac in 2023. So, let’s dig in and investigate these solutions!

1. Utilize Time Machine Backups

Did you know that Time Machine, the built-in backup software on Mac, may help you retrieve lost notes? Here’s how:

  • Connect your Time Machine backup disc to your Mac.
  • Open the folder where your notes were initially kept.
  • Click on the Time Machine symbol in the menu bar and choose “Enter Time Machine.”
  • Use the timeline on the right side of the page to move to a date before the deletion happens.
  • Once you’ve selected the appropriate date, choose the notes you wish to restore and click the “Restore” option.
  • You may recover and restore your deleted notes to their original position by employing Time Machine.

2. Check the Recently Deleted Folder

How To Recover Deleted Notes On iPhone? When you remove notes on your Mac, they may not be gone immediately away. macOS preserves a “Recently Deleted” section in the Notes app, similar to the Trash folder for files. Follow these procedures to verify whether your deleted notes are still recoverable:

  • Open the Notes program on your Mac.
  • Look for the “Recently Deleted” section in the left sidebar.
  • If you discover your deleted notes in this folder, pick them and click the “Recover” option to recover them.
  • Remember to check the “Recently Deleted” section before believing your notes are gone forever.

3. Restore from iCloud

If you use iCloud to sync your notes across devices, there’s a possibility your deleted notes are still visible in the cloud. Here’s how to recover them:

  • Open the Notes program on your Mac.
  • Go to “Preferences” from the “Notes” menu.
  • Select the “Accounts” option and confirm that your iCloud account is logged in.
  • If iCloud synchronization is enabled, your deleted notes should be in the “Recently Deleted” folder.
  • Select the notes you wish to restore and click the “Recover” button.
  • You may immediately restore access to your essential information by recovering your lost notes from iCloud.

4. Try Terminal Commands

For tech-savvy users, employing Terminal commands might give an alternate option to retrieve lost notes on Mac. Here’s what you can do:

  • Open Terminal on your Mac. (You may locate it in the Utilities folder under the Applications folder.)
  • Type the command cd ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes/Data/Library/Notes/ and click Enter.
  • Next, use the command ls -a to see the list of files and folders.
  • Look for a folder titled .store, which includes a backup of your notes.
  • Copy the contents of this folder to another place on your Mac.
  • With little technical expertise and careful execution, Terminal commands may help you restore your erased notes.

5. Use Third-Party Data Recovery Software

how to recover deleted notes on iPhone iCloud; if the previous procedures still need to achieve the required results, you might resort to trusted third-party data recovery software. These programs are meant to examine your Mac’s storage and recover lost data, including notes. Here are a few standard options:

  • Software Features Pricing
  • Disk Drill User-friendly UI, deep scanning capabilities, supports multiple file types Free basic version, Pro version begins at $89
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Intuitive UI, rapid and thorough scan modes, supports macOS Free trial available, Pro version begins at $69.95
  • Stellar Data Recovery Advanced scanning techniques retrieve data from multiple storage devices. Free trial available; Pro version begins at $79.99
  • Before using any third-party software, verify you downloaded from trusted sources and carefully follow the instructions.

6. Contact Apple Support

If everything else fails, it’s time to call Apple Support for assistance. Apple’s specialist support staff can walk you through restoring lost notes or offer additional remedies depending on your scenario. You may contact them by phone, online chat, or by visiting an Apple Store nearby.


Q: Can I restore notes erased long ago using Time Machine?

A: Time Machine keeps copies of your Mac’s data, including notes, as far back as your backup drive’s capacity permits. However, the availability of earlier copies relies on the amount and frequency of your backups. Examining your Time Machine backups and determining whether the required notes are still recoverable is recommended.

Q: Are there any hazards associated with utilizing third-party data recovery software?

A: While reputable data recovery software is typically safe, there is always a tiny chance of data loss or compatibility concerns. How To Recover Deleted Notes On iPhone, It’s crucial to carefully study user evaluations, pick dependable software, and follow the directions supplied by the creators. Additionally, consider backing up your data before beginning any recovery method.

Q: Can I restore notes from a broken or non-functional Mac?

A: If your Mac is physically broken or no longer functional, the possibilities for data recovery may be restricted. In such instances, expert data recovery services can be essential. These businesses specialize in extracting data from damaged devices, but they may be pricey and time-consuming.

Q: Is it possible to restore permanently lost notes on Mac?

A: Permanently erased notes are tough to retrieve since macOS usually eliminate them from the storage device. The effectiveness of recovery efforts relies on numerous circumstances, such as how long the notes were erased and whether any data overwriting has happened since then. How To Recover Deleted Notes On iPhone & Mac, It’s always worth attempting the techniques discussed in this article. However, the odds of recovery may be small for completely erased notes.

Q: Can I avoid unintentional deletion of notes in the future?

A: To prevent mistakenly deleting notes on your Mac, you may use the “Locked” function inside the Notes program. How To Recover Deleted Notes On iPhone & Mac This feature avoids inadvertent deletions by demanding a password or Touch ID verification before changing locked notes. Additionally, frequent backups utilizing Time Machine or online services like iCloud may give your precious notes an added layer of safety.

Q: Are there any Mac-specific data recovery services available?

A: Yes, some data recovery firms specialize in Mac data recovery. These services apply specialist procedures and technology to recover data from Mac-specific storage devices. If you cannot retrieve your erased notes using the techniques outlined in this article, try contacting expert Mac data recovery services for help.


Losing crucial notes on your Mac might be worrisome, but with the six remedies mentioned in this article, you have a high chance of restoring them. Whether you deploy Time Machine backups, investigate the “Recently Deleted” folder, restore from iCloud, execute Terminal commands, use third-party data recovery tools, or seek help from Apple Support, there’s a method that meets your requirements.

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